Root Samsung Phones Running Android 2.3.x Without Flashing Kernels or Executing Binaries

This should work for many (or perhaps every) Samsung phones on Android 2.3.x

1. reboot your phone in recovery (do not do anything here)
2. reboot in normal mode
3. adb shell rm /data/log/recovery_log.txt (even if fails it is ok)
4. adb shell “ln -s /data/local.prop /data/log/recovery_log.txt”
5. reboot your phone in recovery (do not do anything here)
6. reboot in normal mode
7. adb shell “echo ro.kernel.qemu=1 > /data/local.prop”
8. reboot again
9. adb shell … heeey you are root.
10. Install your favorite root tools: Superuser.apk, su, etc.

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Yet Another Root Exploit For Thinkpad Tablet … more on the way UPDATED

Works with Honeycomb (Android 3) only. If you’ve upgraded to ICS, you have to wait. Sorry!

UPDATE 2: If rooting fails: do this

Common instructions:

  1. Go to and download the OLDEST update (currently: tablet1/
  2. Put it on SD card and plug the SD card in the tablet
  3. On the tablet enable USB Debugging: [Settings->Applications->Developmnet->USB Debugging]
  4. Download the root script package here
  5. unpacking will create directory: yareftpt
  6. (Windows only)If the lenovo driver is not installed on your PC, install it :
  7. (Linux Only)Make sure adb is in your PATH
  8. Connect the tablet to the PC (USB)
  9. Make sure you know how to boot the tablet in Recovery mode:
    – Shutdown, then start it, in the moment “LENOVO” image appears on the screen, press “Volume Up” few times
    – You can navigate through the menu with the volume buttons, and select option with the power button
    – If everything ok, just reboot in normal mode
  10. on the PC, go to command line, and navigate to that directory where you’ve unpacked the exploit download.

Windows instructions:

  1. On command line execute: run.bat
  2. Follow on-screen instructions

Linux instructions:

  1. execute ./
  2. Follow the on screen instructions

If rooting failed, do not retry immediately:
First reinstall your CURRENT update,
enable USB debugging
finally, redo the whole rooting procedure (including: Installation of VERY OLD update)
Ack: thanks to Driver’z on xda for
discovering it

Ack: thanks to @djrbliss, without his tpt exploit this one would not be possible.

This program/instructions come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

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